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ZIPX archive format

ZIPX format is an advanced ZIP format developed and introduced by Winzip Computing, a developer of Winzip. It is designed to improve compression ratio and security while preserving the basic structure of the classic ZIP format as possible.

Learn more about ZIPX here: http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/7/

Advantages of ZIPX

  • ZIPX supports algorithms of higher compression ratio such as LZMA, XZ, WinzipJpeg, and WavPack. (But Bandizip supports only XZ algorithm when compressing files in ZIPX.)
  • Supports AES encryption algorithm.
  • Supports Unicode filenames, which prevents your filenames from being broken in OS with a different system language.

Disadvantages of ZIPX

  • Although most archivers support compression and encryption algorithms used in ZIPX format, they support not the ZIPX file extension itself.
  • For higher compression ratio, ZIPX is much slower than ZIP in compression speed.

How to compress ZIPX with Bandizip

In “New Archive” dialog box, select ZIPX and compress your file(s) as below.